On September 3, 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. I had emergency surgery and the tumor was removed but it has spread to my liver. I wear an ostomy bag now.
In October 2011, I will begin chemo to beat back the tumor in my liver. I am getting stronger each day and trying to stay positive. I am unable to work. I have applied for Medicaid but that will only cover a fraction of my bills.
I am calling out now, not only for your continued good wishes and thoughts but for financial help. If you can help in any way, please help me fight and win my battle. No donation is too big or too small. With the love and support of those around me, I know, together, we can win this.
Please keep the love flowing in your thoughts for me. I can feel it helping to carry me on this journey. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I'm also very pleased to announce that friend and artist DTM has offered all proceeds from his posters and book sales to benefit GO THE CATHERINE.
I'm a huge fan of his work and grateful for this generous offer. Take a look and maybe buy some great art for your walls. It is for a good cause.
Thanks for listening and viewing!

Cambodia posters available at:

CHURNING THE SEA OF MILK books available at:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hiberation. Constipation. No motivation.

While the mild winter we are having is delightful: temperature and heating bill wise, I am missing the snow that is usually here. It's a good excuse for staying house bound.
My apologies for so much time passing since my last update. Pure laziness, a minor OD of Fukitol, a bit of denial that this is really happening to me, feeling like I had hit bottom and was stuck.
It wasn't the bottom. I'm not at the end. I'm going up and forward and out.
I've made it through Round 7 and 8 of chemo. My blood counts continue to stay elevated and the Avastin is treating my kidneys well. My tumor markers are down from 2600 to 1300. That's a sign the chemo is working.
I have a CT scheduled for Thursday, February 9th. Scanxiety! Just have to wait and see. Boy, I can't wait to drink the orange flavored contrast. So delicious!
The only body issue I have is what is known as a 'skin flare up'. Google 'stoma skin flare up'. It's a drag. Perhaps when I am not shitting into a tissue in my hand, it won't be so mortifying for me to write about. Luckily (??) my constipation is making me produce hard little roundish bunny turds. Easy to contain. My reality is much much different from yours at this time, trust me. Nothing to do but wait for skin to heal so I can attach an ostomy bag.
House bound. Hibernating. Overall, I'm managing alright, the weed is good which makes the food good which makes the naps satisfying.